Monday, February 25, 2013

Ironing Board Cover

Here is another recycle post from the old curtains.  I was in desperate need of a new cover since mine was the original from Walmart GASP!  I thought the thicker cotton would make a good cover.  

I pulled the cording out of my old cover and flattened the fabric it out as best I could and cut about 1-2 inches extra around the old cover.  I did this because the old cover was serged and I don't have a serger so I would be folding over the seam to create a pocket for the cord.  As always my little helper :)

Pinned one end of the cording so I didn't loose it while sewing!

Here is an closeup shot of sewing with the cording.  I used a short-medium width zig zag stitch and stayed away from the edge so I didn't sew the cording down.  

Zig Zag stitching done. (You will need to leave a small opening at the end for the cording to come out)

Lay the new cover out!

Tighten the cording, tie tightly and secure to the bottom of the board and viola!  New ironing board cover!

I hope to get some work on my constellations quilt top done tomorrow.  I have been missing sewing while being sick.  

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