Monday, February 18, 2013

Recycled Dog Bed

Hello!  I know this is off topic from modern quilting, but I made an easy dog bed cover for my dog today.  Her old cover I made a few years ago was getting pretty worn.  I was given old curtains from a family member and wanted to use the nice thick cotton as a new bed cover.  The fabric isn't exactly modern but since this is a dog bed we don't need it to "stand out" anyway!  Here is how I did it.  

Here are the curtains.  My dog bed required 2 curtains for length the width was adequate.  I actually have 4 which leaves me plenty for other projects.  I am reusing the current dog bed as the stuffing is still puffy. 

Black and off white gingham curtains with tabs and buttons at the top.  Will need to cut the tabs and buttons off.  

I sewed the bottom of the curtains together for the extra length.  Always make a dog bed on the big side if you plan on washing frequently.  Trust me I have learned this mistake making one that fit and its a pain to take on and off frequently to wash.  

Cut the tabs and buttons off.  Cut the curtain down to the length you need with about an extra 5-6 inches on each side and end.  There is no need to rip the seams of the tabs because they will end up on the inside anyway.  Save yourself some time!

Zig-zag the raw edge on the one end you cut.  Sew the sides together with a zig zag on the wrong side of course!  At this point you should have something that looks like a huge pillowcase.  

Make a cuff at the open end and sew the cuff down from the inside (you can see my zig zag above where I sewed it down).  Now sew the hook and loop fastener (AKA velcro) near the outer edge along each side on the inside (AKA wrong side) of the dog bed. 

Flip inside out and viola stuff your dog bed inside!  Now you have a nice dog bed which can be rewashed many times.  It should be sturdy enough as the fabric is thicker curtain fabric.  I wouldn't suggest anything silky, this was 100% cotton, almost as thick as duck cloth.  I spent $2.22 on the velcro, I already had the fabric the inner bed and the thread of course.  

As always my little helper and the happy dog Daisy herself!

What an easy fast project.  I was done in less than one hour!

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