Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Lilium Laptop Bag

I was so excited to make another bag from Sara at Sew Sweetness!  Her bags are really great and the patterns are easy to follow.  For me the hardest part of this bag was cutting everything out.  Once I got everything cut and ironed the bag went together so quickly and simply!  Her patterns are great to follow and affordable.  She makes it so easy for anyone to try something new out.  Even this quilter!  Here is a picture of the front of my finished bag.  It comes in 2 sizes in the pattern, laptop or netbook sized.  Or you can just make it into a cool purse.  

A view of the back with the only punch of color a red/orange zipper!

I loved making it as always and can't wait to (hopefully) make another one of her patterns!  If you would like to buy the pattern click here!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Children's Play Mat

I have been away for awhile and not blogging.  The good news is I have still been sewing!  I recently made a play mat for a little girl around the same age as my son.  It is a farm motif because her Daddy has cattle and a farm.  I think it came out great and I can't wait to make another one.  I used felt on the front, I used batting for stiffness and the back was a repurposed tablecloth.  I sewed green and blue for grass and sky and sewed them together with the backing and then flipped them right side out and top stitched.  Then I used plain white ribbon to make a fence and that was very easy to make into a curve.  

Next I wanted to add a tree made from felt, a water or food bucket made from felt pieces and stitched on with zig zag across the bucket.  And flowers to make it girly!  I made some of the flowers out of felt and some out of ribbon which I sewed together with felt in the center.  I used some pretty ribbon and sparkly yarn for stems.  

A butterfly of course with its wings unattached so they could flap!  And a sun made from felt and ribbons.  I hot glued the ribbons down and then top stiched across them over the sun.  

And the final project with a few puffy clouds and the finished flowers.  I also gave them little play horses.  Hopefully she loves it as much as I do!


You truly could make this any way you wish.  I plan on making a car racing one for my son.  Also the size was fairly large it is about the size of my cutting mat so around 24 inches by 20 inches.  

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Bag Tester!

Again I was thrilled to be a bag tester for Sara at SewSweetness!  She has the most amazing patterns and ideas.  I'm not sure how she comes up with this stuff!  And her patterns and instructions are so good she probably doesn't need testers anymore.  Anyway I signed up to make this beautiful purse! 

I used fabric I had from Joanne's and the peekaboo fabric behind the grommets is from The Seam Shoppe I was talking about in a previos post in Key West Florida.  I always wanted to have a white purse so I thought why not make one for myself.  It is a spacious bag and I think it came out great.  I was able to sew it together in 3 days maybe 3 hours or less.  Which is short considering I have a little guy running around and trying to change my stitch settings on my machine! 

The inside fabric came from Hancock and was black with white circles.  I thought it was a fun contrast to the outside fabric.  I am planning on making some as Christmas gifts maybe a beach bag?  It is the perfect size for your towel, sunscreen and favorite book.  Thanks again Sara!

Seriously go buy this pattern I had so much fun making this bag!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Modern Constellations Quilt Top!

It is pieced... I know this picture is late because the quilt is already basted and I have started quilting.  I always baste with pins.  Here is a picture of the pieced top.  I hope to have this quilt done in the next month... My goal of 4 quilts this year is not going to happen if I don't speed up!

I am hoping to get a lot of quilting done today.  I have been using various widths of straight line rectangles and I think it is coming out well.  I have been using painters tape and my machine to help guide my lines and it looks good so far.  

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Baby Shower Gift

Saturday night and basketball playoffs are on... BORING!  So I have been doing some straight line quilting to the modern constellations quilt.  I also wanted to update the blog.  I have a friend who is due in a couple of months with her first baby girl.  I wanted to use some of this cute fabric I bought at The Seam Shoppe in Key West Florida for a bib and burp cloth!  Here is the bib and burp cloth they are sewn right sides together leaving about a 2 inch gap and then flipped and top stitched.  I traced a bib I have from my little guy to use as a template but there are tons out there on the interwebs! 

I absolutely am in love with this modern children's fabric.  I have 3 more fat quarters of boy fabric!  I have another friend pregnant with a boy who I work with so maybe she will be getting a similar gift!  

I was also using my Janome and testing out some of the specialty stitches and added a little embellishment for the fun of it.  It was so easy, just choose the number and pedal to the metal! 

I also have decided wherever I travel I want to buy fabric and use it to make a quilt someday of all of my travels.  The Seam Shoppe in Key West had tons of options.  They had modern, traditional, beachy inspired, and Batiks.  If you are ever in the area there check it out!  They also have a website which I have linked to above.  

Friday, March 15, 2013

Next project....

I know I still haven't posted my constellations quilt top but I am hoping to have the quilting done this weekend.  Happy Quilting Day Saturday 3/16/13!  I got the fabric for my next quilt which will be a flannel quilt in the mail.  The fabric is washed and dried!  It is SO soft.  I have flannel (from a big box fabric store) on the back of my son's quilt I made while I was pregnant and it is nothing compared to how soft this flannel is!  I purchased a fat quarter bundle from Connecting Threads .  It is the Big Sky Lodge flannel seen below.  

This fabric is a great collection for a men's quilt!  

Here is my inspiration quilt I am planning on doing a log cabin quilt.  This quilt is by Jeni from In Color Order and she makes some of the most beautiful modern quilts!  She is so inspirational check out her other quilts under her quilts tab.  

I bought this gray herringbone for the background.

I can't wait to finish the modern constellations quilt and post pictures!  I also have been making some gifts for baby showers which I will post soon.  

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Constellations Binding

I am anxiously awaiting the backing fabric for the constellations quilt.  I ordered it Monday so hopefully it will be here by the weekend.  I decided to do a scrappy binding with all of the constellations fabric I had left over.  This is a first for me, I typically use one fabric so I am excited to see the finished product and of course the finished quilt.  I already got the binding sewn and ironed.  Here it is!  

In the meantime I have been piecing the robot squares together in a chain and will keep doing that until my backing comes in for the constellations quilt.  

I made a little "square" of fabric from leftover triangles from the binding.  I might embroider the names and dates on it by hand.... or with FMQ.  Not sure yet but I would like to use it as a "label".  

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Modern Robots Kids Quilt

Here is my next project.  I am making it for my little guy.  He already has a quilt so this isn't a rush project.  I finished my quilt top for my constellations quilt but haven't had a chance to get outside to take a nice picture... Pictures coming this week.  I was able to piece a few blocks together for the robot quilt today.  I had this robot fabric since Christmas which my husband got me as a gift.  It was from  www.connectingthreads.com and I think it is since discontinued.  It is so cute!  Here is how the block looks. 

The white fabric is from fabricworm and is a moda fabric called Aneela Hoey, Sew Stitchy, Chain Stitch Glass/Olive.

I am using the pattern Les Elefants et Hippos from the book Modern Designs for Classic Quilts which I received as a gift for Christmas from my parents.  It is a "sliced 4 patch" which goes together easily! 

Here are the rest of the robot colors!  I plan on working on this until I get the backing fabric for the Modern Constellations quilt which will hopefully be this week.  I am anxious to have it done soon for my husband.  And I am planning on using my scraps to make binding for the Constellations quilt.  

Monday, February 25, 2013

Ironing Board Cover

Here is another recycle post from the old curtains.  I was in desperate need of a new cover since mine was the original from Walmart GASP!  I thought the thicker cotton would make a good cover.  

I pulled the cording out of my old cover and flattened the fabric it out as best I could and cut about 1-2 inches extra around the old cover.  I did this because the old cover was serged and I don't have a serger so I would be folding over the seam to create a pocket for the cord.  As always my little helper :)

Pinned one end of the cording so I didn't loose it while sewing!

Here is an closeup shot of sewing with the cording.  I used a short-medium width zig zag stitch and stayed away from the edge so I didn't sew the cording down.  

Zig Zag stitching done. (You will need to leave a small opening at the end for the cording to come out)

Lay the new cover out!

Tighten the cording, tie tightly and secure to the bottom of the board and viola!  New ironing board cover!

I hope to get some work on my constellations quilt top done tomorrow.  I have been missing sewing while being sick.  

Friday, February 22, 2013


It has been a busy sick week in our house so that's why I have been MIA! Sorry!! New posts to come soon:

1. Finished modern constellations quilt top!!
2. I decided to add a star to the top corner of the quilt
3. I haven't figured out if I want to paper piece or applique the star....
4. I used more left over curtain fabric for a new ironing board cover!

Lots of pictures coming soon.....

Here is the star I want to use for the quilt

Any preferences, paper piece or applique?  I know it is a paper piece pattern but if I applique it I will just use the general shape as a guide.  

Monday, February 18, 2013

Recycled Dog Bed

Hello!  I know this is off topic from modern quilting, but I made an easy dog bed cover for my dog today.  Her old cover I made a few years ago was getting pretty worn.  I was given old curtains from a family member and wanted to use the nice thick cotton as a new bed cover.  The fabric isn't exactly modern but since this is a dog bed we don't need it to "stand out" anyway!  Here is how I did it.  

Here are the curtains.  My dog bed required 2 curtains for length the width was adequate.  I actually have 4 which leaves me plenty for other projects.  I am reusing the current dog bed as the stuffing is still puffy. 

Black and off white gingham curtains with tabs and buttons at the top.  Will need to cut the tabs and buttons off.  

I sewed the bottom of the curtains together for the extra length.  Always make a dog bed on the big side if you plan on washing frequently.  Trust me I have learned this mistake making one that fit and its a pain to take on and off frequently to wash.  

Cut the tabs and buttons off.  Cut the curtain down to the length you need with about an extra 5-6 inches on each side and end.  There is no need to rip the seams of the tabs because they will end up on the inside anyway.  Save yourself some time!

Zig-zag the raw edge on the one end you cut.  Sew the sides together with a zig zag on the wrong side of course!  At this point you should have something that looks like a huge pillowcase.  

Make a cuff at the open end and sew the cuff down from the inside (you can see my zig zag above where I sewed it down).  Now sew the hook and loop fastener (AKA velcro) near the outer edge along each side on the inside (AKA wrong side) of the dog bed. 

Flip inside out and viola stuff your dog bed inside!  Now you have a nice dog bed which can be rewashed many times.  It should be sturdy enough as the fabric is thicker curtain fabric.  I wouldn't suggest anything silky, this was 100% cotton, almost as thick as duck cloth.  I spent $2.22 on the velcro, I already had the fabric the inner bed and the thread of course.  

As always my little helper and the happy dog Daisy herself!

What an easy fast project.  I was done in less than one hour!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Baby Crib Rail Teething Bumper

So once my son got to the age when he was standing and teething he decided he was born part Beaver. He made a few chew marks on the railings of the beautiful crib we had been given as a gift when I was pregnant.  I wanted to get a Teething Bumper made ASAP!  My friend Melissa of Sew Sassy Creations had already made one for her son (born on the same day as my son!).  She makes all kinds of beautiful scarves and T shirt quilts on etsy.  Her site is ShopSewSassy.  She will also custom make the Teething Bumpers for you.  I stuck with our elephant theme and found cute fabrics at Hancock.  I used gray ribbon, gray and yellow fabric which matches our nursery.  They have been on the crib for months and no more teeth marks!  Here is a picture of how mine came out.  Melissa's were made from Sock Monkey fabric because that is her nursery theme (How cool!)

Simple and beautiful!  I quilted in the "ditch" so I could get them on the crib ASAP so it wasn't anything fancy as far as quilting. I love the look!  You could make them for yourself or even buy already "quilted" fabric from the fabric store and cut it to the size you need and add ribbon and binding.  

Please feel free to comment below for questions on how to make the bumper or how to contact Melissa to make one for you.  She does a great job and gets everything shipped quickly.  Its also a great way to support a hard working Mom!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Modern Constellations strips

Here is how I decided on the length of my strips.  I wanted to have a six inch "step" on each strip with 12 strips.  I wanted to use the neutral on top and colored fabric on bottom.  I had 6 fabrics and decided to use them as a unit but you could do patchwork and make it a scrappy quilt.  As you can look back and see I originally had a "rainbow" of colors but decided to use all blues.  

                       Color        Neutral          Total (inches)
Strip 1
Strip 2
Strip 3
Strip 4
Strip 5
Strip 6
Strip 7
Strip 8
Strip 9
Strip 10
Strip 11
Strip 12

I chose an 80 inch long quilt but you will need the extra .5 inches on each length of fabric for seam allowances in the middle and with the binding.  The quilt will be approximately 66 inches wide.  I wanted to make it wider but didn't have enough fabric to make more than 3 strips of 6 inches.  It will be plenty big enough for my husband to stay warm under!

Because my cutting mat is only 24 inches long i would lay my fabric out along the 24 inches and at the end draw a line with my ruler and fabric pencil.  I would then move the fabric to the left side of the mat to line up with the marked line and measure how long I needed to have the piece and then cut.  This has given me very even accurate lengths of fabric.  

First step line up the fabric along the length of your cutting mat. (PS my fabric isn't ironed below sorry! I would always iron before cutting)

Then using your fabric marker and a ruler make a line at the end of the mat (for me it is 24 inches) 

Count (TWICE) to get the desired length and then cut to length needed.  

If any of this is confusing please comment below I will be happy to help clarify!  Does anyone want me to do a giveaway of the purse pattern I made for sewsweetness.com?  Comment below to let me know if you are interested!  

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Modern Constellations!

I have been diligently working on my quilt and am over halfway done piecing.  Here is a picture of my son helping to "display" the quilt

I like the way the "step" pattern is coming out, it really showcases the beautiful prints from the Lizzy House Constellations "Midnight" collection.

Because these are such LONG pieces I had to come up with a technique for cutting them the exact length.  I will post tomorrow with pictures on how I mark the length properly.  

Taking pictures is not easy with a toddler who wants to play with the quilt top hmm.... Naptime is coming soon!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

First Quilt

Here is my FIRST QUILT!  I got my first basic singer sewing machine for Christmas 2010.  I decided I wanted to start quilting and I decided to make my puppy dog a quilt (this is before I had a little boy).  Also my dog wouldn't judge how terrible my first quilt came out.  I was teaching myself as I went and following a pattern from a library book and you tube tutorials.  I didn't know you were supposed to hand stitch the binding so that was machine sewn.  It's browns and pinks for my dog Daisy.  Try not to make too much fun of my quilt, I have come a long way in such a SHORT time!  The old adage is true "Practice makes Perfect" I am still a long way from perfect but you get the point.  

The quilt is a 4 square patch alternating with a brown square.  I quilted in simple diagonal lines which was hard for my first quilt as well.  If I remember I used chalk to draw the lines straight.

She still snuggles under the quilt in the wintertime.  The quilt has been washed many times and is holding up well! 

Paper Pieced Sunrise Clutch

I am finally able to post my awesome paper pieced sunrise clutch I made for Sara at Sewsweetness.com.  I was a tester for Sara and the pattern is easy to follow.  I have paper pieced a little before so I felt confident I could do the paper piecing.  I have never made a clutch other than a simple zipper bags but it came together so easily.  I would suggest any beginner could try this clutch and be successful making it!  I went into my stash for fabrics, I wanted to use yellows, oranges, reds and browns.  I was feeling literal about the "sunrise".  I think it came out well!  

Here is a picture of the clutch

And a view of the top and inside.  

Here is a link directly to the pattern on Sara's website Paper Pieced Sunrise Clutch which is a great deal at only $8.  I used fabrics I already had and the interfacing and zipper cost less than $10.  You can have a pretty new purse or a great gift for less than $20!  Plus I ended up with extra interfacing because I bought the rest of the bolt and made this cute little zip bag for a friend who should be getting it in the mail tomorrow or Saturday! 

Cute polka dot blue fabric with blue roses inside!

I always keep zippers on hand at home for pillows and bags.  My local quilt shop sells zippers for $.50 a piece and I always buy the good ones! 

Thank you Sara for letting me be a tester, I can't wait to do it again!

More to come on the Constellations quilt soon.  It is coming together quickly.  

Friday, February 8, 2013

Modern Constellations Quilt

I have started to work on my husbands quilt!  I am using the coolest fabric that he chose from fabricworm.  I originally drew the pattern up as a ROYGBIV color quilt but we decided then to do blues (more masculine).  The pattern is a step pattern that I thought would look modern and come together easily.  

We looked at blue fabric online and he liked the Lizzy House Constellations fabrics.  

I ordered 6 half yards of the group and 3 yards of the star fabric for the light colored top half of the quilt.  Unfortunately I only received 5 half yards of the constellations group and I contacted fabricworm and they immediately shipped out the missing print which I do not currently have a picture of but it is light blue constellations.  Thank you fabricworm for your excellent customer service! It is washed and ready to be cut!  I sat down last week and measured the fabric and decided to do 6 inch strips for the width of each of the 12 "steps" and the quilt will be 80 inches total.  I will post later when I can have my husband help me with excel!  Here is some of the piecing I did yesterday.  

The quality isn't the best because it is from my phone but I love the fabrics together and the patterns are SO cool!  

I already have my mind set on some beautiful fabrics from fabricworm for my next project 
I want to make a quilt that has sailboats on it based on an organic quilt I have seen!  But I have to focus on this project first... I still haven't decided on binding or backing any ideas?