Friday, February 8, 2013

Modern Constellations Quilt

I have started to work on my husbands quilt!  I am using the coolest fabric that he chose from fabricworm.  I originally drew the pattern up as a ROYGBIV color quilt but we decided then to do blues (more masculine).  The pattern is a step pattern that I thought would look modern and come together easily.  

We looked at blue fabric online and he liked the Lizzy House Constellations fabrics.  

I ordered 6 half yards of the group and 3 yards of the star fabric for the light colored top half of the quilt.  Unfortunately I only received 5 half yards of the constellations group and I contacted fabricworm and they immediately shipped out the missing print which I do not currently have a picture of but it is light blue constellations.  Thank you fabricworm for your excellent customer service! It is washed and ready to be cut!  I sat down last week and measured the fabric and decided to do 6 inch strips for the width of each of the 12 "steps" and the quilt will be 80 inches total.  I will post later when I can have my husband help me with excel!  Here is some of the piecing I did yesterday.  

The quality isn't the best because it is from my phone but I love the fabrics together and the patterns are SO cool!  

I already have my mind set on some beautiful fabrics from fabricworm for my next project 
I want to make a quilt that has sailboats on it based on an organic quilt I have seen!  But I have to focus on this project first... I still haven't decided on binding or backing any ideas?

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