Sunday, March 3, 2013

Modern Robots Kids Quilt

Here is my next project.  I am making it for my little guy.  He already has a quilt so this isn't a rush project.  I finished my quilt top for my constellations quilt but haven't had a chance to get outside to take a nice picture... Pictures coming this week.  I was able to piece a few blocks together for the robot quilt today.  I had this robot fabric since Christmas which my husband got me as a gift.  It was from and I think it is since discontinued.  It is so cute!  Here is how the block looks. 

The white fabric is from fabricworm and is a moda fabric called Aneela Hoey, Sew Stitchy, Chain Stitch Glass/Olive.

I am using the pattern Les Elefants et Hippos from the book Modern Designs for Classic Quilts which I received as a gift for Christmas from my parents.  It is a "sliced 4 patch" which goes together easily! 

Here are the rest of the robot colors!  I plan on working on this until I get the backing fabric for the Modern Constellations quilt which will hopefully be this week.  I am anxious to have it done soon for my husband.  And I am planning on using my scraps to make binding for the Constellations quilt.  

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